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Microsoft Office 2007 Service Pack 2 direlease

Pada tanggal 28 April kemarin, Microsoft merilis update Service Pack 2 untuk Office 2007. Dalam update tersebut terdapat perbaikan terhadap bug-bug dan peningkatan di sisi security. Selain itu juga terdapat penambahan fitur yang menurut saya cukup berguna yaitu kemampuan untuk membuka dan menyimpan dokumen berformat ODF (Open Document Format), format dokumen yang umum digunakan pada perangkat office opensource seperti OpenOffice.org. Lalu fitur untuk menyimpan file dalam format PDF / XPS sudah disertakan sehingga pengguna tidak perlu lagi untuk menginstall add-in lainnya. Peningkatan lainnya yang mungkin berguna adalah fasilitas untuk meng-ungroup SmartArt Graphics.

Service Pack 2 untuk office 2007 ini berbentuk installer tersendiri, jadi tidak disertakan dalam installer office. Installer ini berukuran 290 Mb, dapat didownload disini.

Ini dia daftar lengkap perbaikan dan peningkatan fitur di Office 2007 SP2 :
• The ability to export reports to Excel has been added.
• Fixes for issues with the import data wizards, report printing and previewing, macros, Excel integration, and date filters.
• Updates to Access Developer Extensions are now included in SP2.

• The charting mechanism has improved robustness and targeted performance improvements.
• A chart object model has been added to Word and PowerPoint.
• Improved printing of graphical content, especially on PCL printers.

• Improved form tools.
• Synchronization reliability has been improved.

• Increased compatibility between InfoPath forms and other Microsoft products, such as Groove and Outlook.

• SharePoint synchronization has been improved which helps reduce the load on
• SharePoint servers and produce fewer errors.

• Performance in startup, shutdown, view rendering, and folder switch has been improved.
• Calendar updates, search, and RSS are more reliable.
• The object model has been improved.

• Resaving of files is faster.
• Several printer-specific problems have been fixed.
• The Microsoft Office Excel Chart Object Model has been more fully integrated.

• The scheduling engine, Active Cache, and Gantt charts all have improvements.
• There is additional reliability with earlier versions of the .mpp format.

• Fixes have been made in the following areas: print preview, compatibility with Internet Explorer 8, e-mail on Windows Vista, and saving to the Content library.

• Improved compatibility with other Microsoft products in several key scenarios, such as inserting Visio drawings as linked objects in PowerPoint or Word, exporting reports to Excel, and saving drawings as Web pages for browsing in Internet Explorer 8.

• Fidelity of PDF and XPS output has been enhanced.
• Fuller integration of the Microsoft Office Excel Chart Object Model.

Daftar diatas diambil dari situs Microsoft Update Product Team Blog.

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