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MIG 33 Trick

To catch any one who is loged in to the mig,just enter in to any room and take private chat,above that you can see "Enter username".Take that option and type the user name you want to catch. Thats all..Now you got the one you are looking for..If the person is not loged in to the mig you will get a warning in red "the user not online".

the trick behind this is running as many mig jar files on your mobile at a time.By using Nokia you can use this trick.Some Nokia like 6600

this is called fastest kicking.This can only be used by using mobile phones that can use be used for multi-kicking. You cannot use this in PC.Most of the powerful mobile kicker say this is a very efficient way of kicking.Enter in to the room with your multi-kicking nicks.Go to kick user and pick the one who you want to kick from all you are done,just minimize all your migs and make a call to any where most probably you might make a free call (like balance operator call).So your GPRS connection will be onhold.Now press menu and take all your minimized migs and reques the kick. All migs will be on kick REQUESTING.finally end the call.So that all votes are now given at a time.Some times wou might see the massage 1 or 0 more votes remaining as the vote has been started and there is very less chance that any one escape from this type of a kick.This trick can also be used for fast flooding

now it is hard to get in to back room.And now you can't vote being in the back room.To catch up the backroom just enter in to the room and press LEAVE ROOM,before u leave the room press BACK so that you don't loose the room.Now u will be in the bck room.The other way to get in to the back room is:go to CREATE ROOM>type the room name with one special corrector.Eg:if you want to enter the room name as IəDONESIA the special.Correctors here used is (ə these special correctors will be in your mobike for sure.But this might not be available on your PC

this is an old type of a kick but still you can use this modified trick.If you do bullet kicking,no one else in the room can start a kick as fast as you can.This type of kicking is usually used to start a kick faster and to have multi kick when there are less than 10 chatters in the røm.Just lo4n with two migs mith same nick name. You can't use one nick in a room with two migs.So keep one mig in the back room and take KICK USER and pick the one you want to kick from the one in the back room.Enter in to the room with the other mig at the same time usd the back room mig and request the kick.You enter in to the room and you started the kick as fast as you entered.No one else can start it as fast as that.RE-ENTER this a weakness stikl mig33 has on its server i dont know how long this will last active.But you can use this for an instant.Now you can re-enter in to the room at any amount of time you want without being burted. Jurt go to open

its not possible after closing colour code.It was just make some one fool by offer any discount from "wap.Mig33.Com" like this id.But some ppl still foolish.So beware dont give ur password any one.

if u think any body block u but he/she is online.Then apply "CATCHING ANY OFLINE USER" rules.And invite any other user and make a group chat.Then u will able to chat with a block user.
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